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What does the name means? 

Zaar o Maar (means Dice & Snake in Kurdish language) which is the name of the famous board game (Snake & Ladders) we took  the name literary and put the dice against each others and against the snake!

How to play?  

You are a dice who try to collect the highest score before the 60sec timer! you will face 4 dices with colors: 

  • Blue is addition
  • Red is subtraction
  • Orange is multiplication
  • Yellow is division

you will also face the snake! careful as it will bite you & everyone back to score 1!

GMTK Game Jam 2022 Entry

This game was done in less than 48 hours, we wish you like this early access of our idea, we appreciate your feedback and rating, also don't forget to post your highest score below ^_^

Enjoy & Post your highest score below ^_^

StatusIn development
Made withUnity, Aseprite
TagsCasual, Dice, Fast-Paced
Average sessionA few seconds

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