Two universes collide a fight each other to proof which one have the correct square!

Humankind/Civilization reach the point of drawing/inventing the Square shape…From this moment two parallel universes occurs, one where they draw the square the way we know and one with a 45 degree rotation (diamond shape)  Both are square shape based on how you look at it.

But with time and advanced technology each one knew about the other universe square shape! and this is where the fight start between the two universes, each one want to teleport his “correct” square shape to the other universe.

Two player game, one control by Arrows & the other by WASD.

***This game is a prototype and was created in a game jam called Game Zanga 9***

Credit of some assets:

CC0 SFX from

CC0 Font from

Made withUnity


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A very enjoyable game! I liked the short story at the beginning! was necessary 

love the idea , playing it with someone else will be really enjoyable

Very Nice Concept Indeed ... I played it alone though then I started to feel that I have a Schizophrenia .. I should try to play it with someone else

nice concept, fun to play.