This game is a prototype for an idea that was developed under 48 hours in GameJamPlus MENA edition, the theme was (From the Region to the World)

GameJamPlus MENA 2023 Submission:

GameJamPlus MENA 2023: Pitch Video:

Game Idea?

In this game; we wanted to tell the story of the (ChaiChe) which is the guy who making Tea in his movable cabinet and simple tools in the middle of the Bazzar (The Shops in the streets)

How to play?

As shown in the below screenshot; You start receiving orders to make Tea, drag and dropping the istikan (the cup) and collect money to upgrade your business and purchase sugar, more cups to serve more and maybe a radio for cool music ;)

What does Istikan mean?

Istikana is an Arabic word used to describe a unique-looking glass used mostly to drink tea. The word originated during the British colonization of much of the Middle East who referred to this unique-looking glass as "East Tea Can". With time the word evolved to "Is-Ti-Kan-a" - Istikana

What will be in the full version?

If this idea was a success and players liked the concept, we will continue developing it into the full version for Web/PC/Mobile and will include more of the cultural theme from the region specifically Iraq and will include more upgrades and ingredients to serve, example:Tea concentration style (light, normal, heavy), Tea type and herbs,  Arabic coffee, different traditional tools to make these drinks inspired from the region.

So tell us in the comments below what you think :)

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حبيت الجو

شكرا :)

It would be nice if the tea pouring was more challenging, like you're able to overfill or underfill each serving which will decrease "popularity", and serving unwashed tea servings decrease money, there's a tremendous opportunity for the game to grow, and I would like to see this happen inshallah.

Thats a very good idea! my partner actually suggested something like that but due to the limited time (we barely made it lol) it was hard to achieve that
but be sure we will add it if we made the full version!
Thank you ^_^

interesting game. the detection box for the tea serves should be a bit larger, so it is easier to serve without the cups being rejected. 

(1 edit)

Hey! thanks for playing the game!
You totally right, we should fix that, in fact it will be better to have some kind of feedback on the Istikan (like a color change) when you reach the correct area...

Side note: sometimes you need to be sure that you filled the Istikan before you go to the ready area

a color change is a good idea.