A beautiful cat city, they lived a great life and they were the best in everything (Electricity, Water, Health, Education, Diplomatic and Economy)...Until the Election Day!

How to play:

You always need to vote YES to one of two candidates, each one of them promises (or he pretending to...) to improve something in the city but will descent something. Your goal is vote the best candidate that will insure to keep everything almost on GREEN status.

Yellow status will randomly upset 1 member of the cat family, unfortunately cants can't survive staying upset for 3 elections, and one of them will die immediately if he saw Red status :(

Please SAVE the poor cat family with your Vote!


Done in a Game Jam called ( #GameZanga 2017) Theme "You always have a choice"


Currently working on a full version of the Cat's Vote, feel free to wish list it and share your ideas bellow for what the full version should contain ^_^




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AuthorsDanar.dev, LightOfDarkness
Made withUnity


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Never survived longer than 8 elections.

hope it helps